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Parenting: From the Beginning

Becoming a Mother

Mother and Sleeping Baby

Generally speaking, mothers in our Western culture are the primary caregivers during the early months of their baby's development. Current research shows that, compared to fathers, mothers do most of the caregiving during this time.

Adding to the enormity of learning to care for Baby as a new mum, you are also adjusting to a 'new' life and often coping with some uncertainty. But importantly during these early months, you and Baby are getting to know each other and forming a loving relationship.

As Baby grows, you will realise that mothering is a continual state of development and readjustment as you experience emotions that can be as extreme as self-doubt and frustration to the greatest feeling of joy. Mixed with these emotions can be the inevitable mothers' guilt which can challenge every mother's feelings.

Just remember that as humans AND mothers we aren't perfect and nor would we want to be. This doesn't leave space for learning with our children and discovering enjoyment: as mums, we are striving to do the best job that we can! Being a mum means creating the pathway for you and your baby. This will lead to forming the bond, promoting growth and overall wellbeing - the foundation for Baby's sense of security and development throughout the years.

For me, becoming a mother and primary caregiver was the one thing in my life that I felt most unprepared for ... and it was not about learning how to care for my baby. My role as a new mother was so much more. It was about adapting to changes and coping with the challenges. I went from knowing who I thought I was and 'being in control' to realising I had only experienced a small proportion of what I thought was a full and satisfying life.

Becoming a mother taught me about needing to take small steps and appreciating where these steps would lead me. From both of my children I have learned so much for which I will be forever grateful.

Believe that your role as a mother is to be valued.