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Parenting: From the Beginning

Becoming a Father

Father and Baby

A father is as equally important to his new baby's growth and wellbeing as a mother ... and with social efforts to change tradition in our Western culture some fathers are taking on the role as primary caregiver of their baby. Commonly, in the early months new fathers (whether primary caregiver or not) can feel unprepared for their role as the physical and emotional demands take them by surprise.

For some men, with the role of father may come a feeling that life has become a juggling act. Not only are you getting to know your baby, learning to care for him/her and forming the bond but also you are trying to emotionally support your partner through a time that can be very stressful, as well as probably continuing to work to financially support the family. With such huge expectations of dads, all of this can make up a 'tall order'.

It may seem that life has become chaotic: some fathers have difficulty in accepting that the baby's needs initially 'rule the household' and the routineness of what used to be has become disorganised. Part of becoming a father is the need to change what may have been 'your' priorities. The sharing of your time with your newly forming family is crucial - building on the enjoyment, and enriching life. The joys of seeing your baby grow and being part of her/his life are the delights of being a dad. With your sensitive, loving care and interactions you are supporting the development of your baby and providing her/him with guidance through the 'pathway of life'.

Your baby will love you for being Dad ...