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Parenting Guidance Through the First Year with Baby

Welcome to Bond With Baby

Mother, Father and Baby Outdoors

Created by Dr. Wendy Vlismas (see About), Bond With Baby has been structured to provide parenting guidance through the first year with Baby: beginning with your role as a parent and the importance of developing a loving bond that will continue to nurture Baby's development and wellbeing throughout childhood.

Click in and out of all the sections as you please, print information, listen to the the songs, rhymes and music to use with Baby and watch the video demonstrations as many times as you like. If you are searching for specific information, just type the keywords into the 'search window' on the top right-hand of the page.

The photographs used to illustrate the written sections of the program have been chosen to document specific details such as babies' development, expressions as they communicate, parents' responsiveness during interactions, the 'challenges' of early parenting and family practices.

When you have questions about the Bond With Baby information just post them on the website Blog. Reading through the FAQs and answers provided can also add to your own knowledge.

Enjoy Bond With Baby ... the beginning toward the future!


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